Zumba Sentao



Six Legs Work You Harder Than Two
By transforming your chair into a sizzling dance partner, the explosive Zumba Sentao™ program strengthens your core, torches calories and sculpts muscle. Revolutionize your cardio workout with targeted resistance training and exotic world rhythms in red-hot, never-before-seen ways.

Perfect For
People who want to get some serious (core) work done. Pull up a chair and tone your entire body.

How It Works
Zumba Sentao® combines strength and resistance training with innovative dance moves, using a chair as your dance partner. A high intensity workout that focuses on defining your muscles, improving overall cardiovascular health and burning major calories in the process.

A unique way to challenge the muscles of the body without having to lift weights.

The Zumba SENTAO™ module is incorporated into the Zumba workshop. Send a message to register for the workshop.

Buy 10 week Zumba course, 3 times per week